Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Services

Business Continuity is the process of planning and preparing an organisation to conduct its core business critical functions during emergency events that threaten disruption of business. As a first step, an analysis of the organisation is essential to determine the stakeholders setup a team in the BCP process. For a successful BCP, it is imperative to have Management buy-in to support the overall progress of the project.

Business Impact
Assessment is the next step in identifying the core business functions managed by various departments and establish the Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD) & Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each function. It is therefore intended to ensure RTO is less than MTD
for each function in an ideal situation.
On the other hand, Disaster recovery is the ability to resume partial or complete IT operations within recovery time objective (RTO) or recovery point objective (RPO). An RTO of shorter duration ensures a faster recovery time while an RPO of lower duration implies minimal information lost during the unplanned outage.
We offer services to SMB’s to plan and prepare for these emergency events proactively.